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Postural Alignment Specialist Certification

Our Best Value

Our Certification Track includes all the courses needed to obtain certification. By immersing yourself in the coursework, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and countless hours of indecision.


Convenient online learning with optional in-person seminars

The coursework is arranged to simply progress from one class to the next with quizzes and performance reviews by your instructors. Attending a seminar can be done in either a group, or one on one setting, to allow for optimal learning.


Be trained to work with clients in as little as 3 months

Our program favors an immersion approach by our students. Just like learning a foreign language, results are best when the students surround themselves with the Method at every opportunity. With all the tools the University provides it's students, you will be delivering a very high level of therapy quicker than you might expect. And if your clients are experiencing pain, there is no time to waste!


Although most of our students purchase the entire track at a tremendous savings, you may purchase the certification courses individually.

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EM201 - Posture Identification
EM202 - Symptoms & Dysfunction
EM203 - Functional Tests
EM204 - Introduction to E-cises
EM205 - Menu Generation
EM206 - Application to Sports
EM207 - PAS I E-Cise Practical
EM208 - PAS I Online Seminar
EM209 - PAS I Seminar
EM301 - Postural Explanation
EM302 - Gait Analysis
EM303 - Cause and Effect
EM304 - Exercise Implementation
EM305 - Case Study
EM306 - Functional Strength & Conditioning
EM307 - PAS II E-Cise Practical
EM308 - PAS II Online Seminar
EM309 - PASII Seminar